Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Year Update

Happy New Year!

A lot has been happening on the project over the last few weeks. The first public consultation event that was held here at the Audio Lab in York on 7th December and was a great success - the venue was full to capacity and we had professionals, university students and year 12/13 in attendance, with some travelling over from the north-west of the country to be at the event. There was a lively debate, with all sorts of opinions expressed and Leslie Gaston gave a fascinating presentation about employment in the audio industry in the States.

Yesterday (10th January) I visited Glyndŵr University in Wrexham, Wales and ran two sessions with students there, as well as giving a presentation about some of the other research I do into audio separation and processing. Again, there were some fascinating contributions - some of which corresponded with opinions expressed in York, others which gave new insights. There is a focus on live sound, as well as recording, technology at Glyndŵr which was evident in some of the responses and it's interesting to have views on sound recording from people working in this related area too.

Tomorrow I'm interviewing Dave Fisher, emeritus professor of sound recording for the University of Surrey's Tonmeister course. It will be interesting to hear from him about where he thinks the skills and identity of the modern sound recordist are aligned and I look forward to sharing his insights in due course.