Saturday, 24 March 2012

Final call for consultations

Since I last updated the blog temperatures are back on the right side of freezing - bringing blossom, birds and slightly longer reverberation times to my part of the world.

I've got two more consultation events in the diary: one at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, where I'm also going to give a talk on the latest research that we're up to in the Audio Lab research group at York, and the second at University of Surrey with students of their Tonmeister course. It will soon be time to shut up shop on this part of the Fellowship and move on to the next phase of writing up and analysing everything I've gathered at these events. If you think you'd like to host one of these at your institution then please let me know via email, but hurry because time is running out to get these organised.

In other news I'm off to the CoDE (Cultures of the Digital Economy) conference in Cambridge next week to present a paper about Engineering in the Digital Recording Studio and I've had an opinion piece relating to the project published in Sound in Sound. On Thursday I hosted sessions for school children from Halifax and County Durham on 'The Science Of The Studio" as part of the University's annual Science Trail event. We looked at how time delays and energy differences between loudspeakers create 'phantom images' between them.